Sea & Touring paddles

Sea & Touring paddles

We have a full range of sea and touring paddles for individual needs.  Low-angle, High-angle, straight or ergo shaft. Also there’s the option to get your paddle with our K-sport adjustable system. All paddles are ultra light carbon fiber.

Semi-core-concept production method
All our touring paddles are made using our semi-core-concept production method. This production method was developed in 2012.  The idea behind this method was to combine great performance, light weight and rigidty together with high strength in one paddle.  We’ve managed to create that combination. the result is a light weight, very strong paddle that can be used on many trips for a very long time.

Sea and touring paddles
You can choose blades that are made of glass, semi carbon to full carbon. The shafts that are used in white water paddling are made of kevlar/carbon for the more flexible use or full carbon for extra stiffness.

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