Polo paddles

Polo paddles

Our polo paddles are the Champions choice. They are famous all over the world for it’s high quality, great perfromance and durabilty. A Double Dutch polo paddle is made to perform at the highest level and is made to last longer that most other paddles on the market!

Reduced weight
All blades are made with an 6 mm thick internal KEVLAR reinforced edge which is strong and hard wearing.
This year we’ve managed to reduce the weight of most of our paddles with more than 10% without having done any consession to the strength.

Light & strong, that’s what you want. With our new inner-core-construction we’ve reduced the weight to nearly 850 gram without having done any consessions to the strenght and durabity. We offer a wide choice of blades sizes and shapes, and a full range of shafts. Our latest shape is the force, a paddle you definitely need to try or just go for the classic Kinetic design.

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The most hard, rough and playfull kayak game is played with the Double Dutch paddle

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