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Dragon boat paddles

Our dragon paddles are very lightweight, have a perfect shaft stifness & egonomically shaped handle. IDBF approved and therefor ready for every competition

Our dragon boat paddles are one of the lightest & strongest on the market. All out dragon boat paddles are IDBF approved and there will be no discussion to enter any race in the world. The paddle has a CNC foam core what makes the paddle very strong and durable. The weight of a paddle is less than 400 gram depending on type. The paddles are made of full carbon and are designed to perform at the higest level as well as for beginners. There is the option between a light or ultra light shaft and ergo or T-grip.



Ordering & Delivery

We do our best to have all products in stock at all time. Usually orders will be dispatched within 10 days* but in high seasoin this can take longer.

Delivery cost paddles

We work with a fixed rate for paddle orders.  The real cost for shipping a paddle in Europe is between € 25 - € 45  and to the rest of the World between € 35 - € 65 depending on the destination/country.
If you live in the EU we only charge you € 15,  and to the rest of the world € 35 per paddle.    Paddles will be shipped unassambled.  This is due to risk of damage in transport and to avoid crazy high shipping cost.

Ordering online 

Online orders will be handled / answered within 24 hours.  We ask you to wait until you've received our order confirmation / pro-forma invoice before you make the payment.  Payment can be done by bank transfer or paypal. Paypal add 5,95% commission fee.