The power of perfection

Technology is what we use to reach perfection We constantly search for new materials to improve our products

We love to make the best paddles in the world

We are very proud of what we do in our industry. For more than 35 years we create, innovate and produce high-end paddles for competition and leisure usage.

White Water paddles

Our white water paddles perfom to the max in extreme circumstances.  Due to our unique semi-core production process Double Dutch whitewater paddles are strong and durable so the absolute  right choice if you are out on the big rivers or steep creeks.

Polo paddles

Our polo paddles have great designs, superb performance are mega strong and very lightweight. That’s why our paddles are the choice of many International top players from all over the world.

Slalom K1 paddles

Our lightweight slalom paddles are made to win. For over three decades we produce slalom paddles that are well known all over the globe. Some of the best competitors in the world choose Double Dutch as an assurance to win.

Slalom C1 paddles

Our lightweight slalom C1 paddles have very thin blades which cut’s thru the water like a knife. They are very strong yet easy to handle making any possible move.

Sea & Touring paddles

All our sea & touring paddles are made using our semi-core concept. This ensures it’s lightweight and extreme strength. The low volume of the paddles makes them smooth and very easy to handle when you are out on the water.

Waveski paddles

Our waveski paddles are made to cut and curve through the waves. Lightweight with the perfect flex. The blades are shaped especially for waveski riding.

Rafting paddles

Our rafting paddles are well known in the rafting scene. They are famous for it’s strength and durability. We offer a series of models that will fit every type of paddler.

Dragon boat paddles

Our dragon paddles are very lightweight, have a perfect shaft stifness & egonomically shaped handle. IDBF approved and therefor ready for every competition