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Slalom K1 & C1

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We do our best to have all products in stock at all time. Usually orders will be dispatched within 10 days* but in high seasoin this can take longer.

Delivery cost  -50% 

We work with a fixed rate for paddle orders.  You get 50% reduction on the delivery cost.  So you pay only 1/2 of the the actual cost for delivery.  
EU € 15  per paddle.  rest of the world € 35 per paddle.   

Ordering online 

Online orders will be handled / answered within 24 hours.  We ask you to wait until you've received our order confirmation / pro-forma invoice before you make the payment.  Payment can be done by bank transfer or paypal. Paypal add 5,95% commission fee. 


Paddles will be shipped unassambled.  This is due to risk of damage in transport and to avoid crazy high shipping cost.


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