Gull carbon


LOW ANGLE paddle

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Gull carbon                                                          Low angle
The gull is our low-angle paddle made for paddling on rivers and lakes as well as on the ocean. The blades are made with our semi-core production method which is very strong, light  and stiff but also very thin. Because the blades are thin and low volume they enter en exit the water very smoothly. For smaller persons or those who prefer a faster cadence we advise the XS velvet or S flow. For more powerful paddlers we advise the M gull or L Breeze.  The GULL paddle range is available in 4 sizes and with the option of 3 different shafts. The X41 is a medium flex shaft which is more gentle for arms an wrists. The X44 is medium stiff and provides more power and direct energy to the blades. All paddles have the option of 2 part adjustable split system.

Material: carbon
Construction: semi-core
Weight: 650-730 gr.
Shaft options: X41 carbon-hybrid / X44 carbon / X26 carbon ergo

Blade sizes:
Gull XS velvet Blade size: X-small / 550 cm2    NEW
Gull S flow  Blade size: small / 615 cm2
Gull m gull   Blade size: medium / 680 cm2
Gull l breeze Blade size: large / 765 cm2

Shaft options: X41 carbon-hybrid / X44 carbon 

Weight 680-730 gr.


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