Dynamic sea carbon


 HIGH-ANGLE paddle

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Dynamic carbon
This revolutionary blade shape is especially designed for active high-angle paddling.  The blades are made with our semi-core production method which is very strong, light weight, stiff and very thin. Because the blades are very thin and low volume they enter and exit the water very smoothly. This paddle is designed for those who want to make powerful strokes at a higher cadance.

Semi-Core concept
The Semi-Core concept is a carbon blade with a foam core and hardwearing edges. It contains both the qualities of a foam core blade and a classic pre-preg carbon blade. It is a perfect combination of: Rigidity – Low in Weight – hard wearing edges & ultimate smoothness.

Blade Length x Width (cm)
  50 x 18,5
Surface Area 735 cm²
Available material Carbon
Weight paddle* 680-730 gram
Shaft options straight carbon & ergo carbon
Extra shaft options 2 part  +10 cm adjustable K-sport system
Available lengths Any (most ordered 210 – 216 – 220 – 224 cm)
Available angles  Any (most ordered 85° )


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