About us


Our history

Double Dutch was founded in 1979 and started off making kayaks using innovative materials and never before used production methods like vacuum bagging and injection moulding.  Only a few years later the company started making paddles as well. Double Dutch was the first company to produce paddles with a CNC foam core instead of wood.  In the years after many more innovations came from us. To mention only a few, we created the fists a-semetric blade designs and ergonomical  shafts for slalom and whitewater paddles.  We didn’t only sell them very successfully all over the world but just as important is the fact that many  pro-riders won an immense amount of medals with our paddles. This proved to us that all the years of hard work and time spend on innovating was appreicated by our customers.  Unfortunately we had to make some difficult decisions in the year 2010. For economical reasons we decided  to stop producing kayaks. It was a hard decision because we loved making kayaks and for many years we were the abasolute leader in production of slalom, polo, downriver and marathon kayaks.  Since then we 100% focus on making paddles. After all it turned out being very good for us. The company has been steadily growing to where we are now. We have a wide range of paddles for many diciplines.


Our staff is dedicated & experienced in their work. Most of our workers love to be out on the water to paddle in their free time. They bring a lot of know-how and added value to our company. We feel fortunate to be a leading and innovating brand for that many years. We’re committed to continue what we do for so long.  Our mission is to make a positive difference by creating a successful environment to share the love of our sport.


We continuously search for new innovative materials and the highest quality quality materials.  Aerospace grade materials in combination with our innovative production techniques and technology this ensures that our products are of the highest standard on the market. Our paddles are made to perform on the water and last long(er) than most other paddles on the market.  


On this page we give you more information about our products, production methods, brands and partnerships. 

Our brands and partnership

Supr paddles is our brand of stand up paddles
Vortex kayaks is our brand for all polo products
Kalahua sup is our new brand of Isup boards

Nelo MAR  In 2019 we started a parnership with Nelo to develop and produce our ( VORTEX ) polo kayaks.  Both companies are well know for it's unique designs, development and high quality. We have the goal, and are eager to make the best possible products available on the market.  With the new developed seamless infusion system we are convinced we've made a huge step towards making the strongest and best polo kayaks.  In the 2,5 years we've worked together we realise that our cooperation is succesful and can go further and become more intens.  We have just finished making a new ( DOUBLE DUTCH ) RIVER surf kayak to play and surf big waves and paddle huge rapids with a strong and lightweight boat.   
For sure there's more to come in the near futue !!