Double Dutch Paddles
Innovative paddle design for kayaking

To design and develop our paddles we work together with a dedicated group of kayakkers to provide us with important information which we use to contunuesly improve our paddles.  This input combined with our workers technical skills makes our paddles of outstanding quality and a leading company for over 40 years!  Our paddles are sold worldwide from selected and specialised dealers.   

More about us & Technology


Experts since 1979

Double Dutch was the first company to produce paddles with a PVC foam core instead of wood.  We continuesly search for new materials and innovations to improve our products.

Ordering & dealers

You have the choice to order online or to buy from one of our dedicated dealers. Shipping rates are fixed flate rate charge for online orders. DELIVERY EU/EUROPE € 15/20  Rest ot the WORLD € 35

Extreme & competition 

Our slalom, rafting, waveski and white water paddles are famous for it's strenght and great performance.  The biggest rivers have been paddled, and many international championships have been won over the last few decades.  

Recreational & ultralite

Our full carbon semi-core sea-touring paddles are made to last, and light weight for maximum comfort.  Dragon and Sup paddles are well know for it's low weight combined with great performance and durabilty.


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Dynamic slalom k1

Choice of many international top athletes from all over the world.
Used by Olympic and World Champions and many national champions.
The strongest slalom paddle on the market according to many paddlers.
Powerful catch, smooth bow rudders strokes and perfect shaft flexx

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Club support program

To clubs we offer special delivery terms and prices.  Subscribe with us and receive details of our CLUB SUPPORT PROGRAM
Club offer request (

 We are very proud of what we do in our industry. For more than 40 years we create, innovate and produce high-end paddles for competition and leisure usage.



Quality through knowledge

Own inventend production methods combined with high-tech materials makes us stand out in the crowd